Set de Deep House com muito Groove!


DJ Adriano Cortez
Its biggest influences the styles house, progressive house, electro house, deep house and drum'bass. In his electronic beats presentations gain a intelligent sequence and architected with sophistication.

Since 2013 has been dedicated to creating soundtracks for events where the conquest specialty to play in warm ups. Observer and meticulous in his research musical, can create the ideal climate at parties, adapting the sound that a clue need (and deserve) have. It is believed that the rate of work of adhesion and creating the vibe of each night.

Argues that good music is the one that excites, stirs the senses and creates moments happy. More than just handling equipment, Cortez aims to bring good memories for those who watch their presentations.

Your happiness and satisfaction in being a DJ is channeled to mess with people. Do you know of tremendous responsibility is to lead the fun of the people and be responsible for astral that is created from their sets. In 2014 comes the first house where it would be resident. Assumes the lounge of La Revolucion in Sao Bernardo do Campo, which has a project of Latin tracks in harmony with proposal of the bar-restaurant.

His background in DJ comes through schools DJ Ban (2012) and Museum of Image and Sound (2013), where he learned about equipment and sound settings. Has a background in entrepreneurship by Sebrae, which saw ways of creating your company events.

Created Comboo Music which presents as a DJ, interspersed with the presentation of live music William Sanches, Alexandre Lima and Jefferson Dascanio. The project was present in bars Vila Mariana, with Leal Bar, Bar Gong, Loefgreen Warehouse and also in Vila Olimpia playing in Santa Julia and Cabaret.

His life is permeated by music. Since his childhood transits rhythms and found musicality running in their veins. Now he is music and professionalism.


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